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The hardest question in a job interview

hardest question

The hardest question in a job interview The job seekers are usually prepared for the interview. And that’s why they anticipate their answers to common questions. No clutch, Bernard Marr asks, an influencer of LinkedIn, “what about the questions that are not common?”

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Challenging Interview Questions you Should Prepare to Answer

Challenging Interview Questions

The questions that will be asked will vary by employer. However, there are some standard questions that most interviewers ask. Two open questions employers often used to make the candidates speak are: “Tell me about yourself” and “How can I help?” These questions can be difficult to answer because they …

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How to anticipate tricky questions in job interview, thumbs up for the one who wrote it (Y)

Learn to anticipate trick questions

After the usual questions about your background, your flaws and qualities, your history and your expectations about the job, suddenly a question may arise that leave you speechless and you unstable. Well, that’s the point: to evaluate your reaction to an unforeseen situation.

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