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How to Excel in a Second job Interview

how to Excel job interview

How to Excel in a Second job Interview If they call for a second interview, things are on the right track, as he has excelled and is now part of a select group that is sucking the same position as you, is one of two pre-selected people or been the successful candidate …

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Coping with a job interview

job interview

The job interview is a highlight in the job search process. The purpose of it is to get a job, so you should know “sell” your application to the company demonstrating your skills, knowledge, skills and experience are the best to fill the vacancy.

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Want to have a positive leadership? Check out ten tips to help you succeed. 1. Attract – Recruit and select people with knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to the role of leader, but talent can only be achieved for the team if the company and leaders have strong values ​​to …

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