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15 phrases that successful people never say

successful people

15 phrases that successful people never say To reach your goals avoids blaming, making excuses and have a negative mind. Eliminate these expressions of your vocabulary!

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How to take advantage of the “corporate rebels” within companies

corporate rebels

How to take advantage of the “corporate rebels” within companies If the key is relaxed, then you have to listen, especially if the criticism comes from within. “Corporate rebels” are personal to get out of the mold and are not generally comfortable with the traditional way in which a company …

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5 ways to solve problems creatively

solve problems creatively

Every problem has a solution … or more. However, the key is to solve it efficiently and efectiva.Para it must be always thinking of new ways to help us solve these problems and not everyone has the same capabilities.

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Tips for Entrepreneurs: 5 Keys for this 2015

5 Keys for this 2015

Improve communication, knowing how to count the essence of a project or be more aware of competition are some of the keys to getting the attention of customers or investors. Entrepreneurs and startups, having taken stock of its role in 2014 and recognize which aspects to improve for the new …

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Tips for writing your CV


Prior to take into account issues Are you able to explain why you are always better than other similar candidates? How can your skills benefit the hiring company? In the current situation, what type of industry or profession would benefit from your professional potential? What are your work demands (wages, …

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