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Prohibited Words Not to Say in an interview


Prohibited Words Not to Say in an interview

Often working in full interview we are tempted to pronounce certain words that can not always be properly interpreted. For this reason we must be especially careful when utter words like:

Suggested words

“Always talks about you and what you do as something valuable, interesting and worthy of recognition, it is not necessary that you be boastful, simply acknowledge your merit wherever you demonstrated efficacy and where others praised what you did.”
Show yourself safe / to what you want and your abilities, Transmits to others / as the impression that you are a valuable, strong person and sure of yourself / a.

  • I’m sure / or …
  • I am convinced / or …
  • I’m satisfied
  • I will do well
  • The positive outweighs the negative me
  • I will overcome that hurdle
  • I will stand up
  • If something bothers me, it overpower
  • I know answer
  • It suits my capabilities

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