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The fashion and lifestyle category articles and tips reflects the taste of an era, the dominant values and opinions. When people think of fashion generally imagine a fantasy world made up of designers, models and sexy clothes. In fact, fashion is not only refers to the dress but to any product or service as a consumer applies for example, cars, music, furniture, magazines, tourist destinations, etc.

Latest Jobs openings in Alshaya


Latest Jobs openings in Alshaya Alshaya works over an extraordinarily extensive variety of divisions, offering customers the most recent and best perceived names in Fashion & Footwear, Food, Health & Beauty, Pharmacy, Optics, Home Furnishings and Leisure & Entertainment. Alshaya Kuwait offers variety of job opportunities including areas Administrative, Internships, …

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Eye makeup for job interview

eye makeup

Eye makeup for job interview We all know the importance of a good image when going to a job interview, but do you ever stopped to think about the influence of your eyes? Many give priority to their wardrobe or hairstyle used, unaware that makeup, especially if you focus on …

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9 Amazing Facts about Kissing


9 Amazing Facts about Kissing Kissing is one of the most intimate, sensual and entertaining actions you can do with another person. And admittedly a good kiss can turn a lot more time. But behind kissing much more, we invite you to 9 interesting facts about them.

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5 tips makeup for a more youthful appearance

5 tips makeup for a more youthful appearance

1. Hydration Here yes, regardless of age, must always keep our skin well hydrated, this will help prevent fine lines, and in time, will help mature skin better accept the makeup. So there is no excuse, moisturize your skin with cream ideal for your needs is an essential than ever …

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How to make up small eyes

make up small eyes

With the help of makeup and applying appropriate techniques, small eyes get larger How? Mindful of the advice. Although we all like to have a harmonious face and provided the reality is that nobody is perfect. However, with the help of makeup and with some expert tricks we can achieve …

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Christmas Gifts: Never forget perfumes

Christmas Gifts

we continue with the serial designed to facilitate you life this Christmas. Today it’s the turn fragrances …

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5 accessories that enhance your look

enhance your look

There are times when we produce to go out and we look in the mirror, we find that our look unconvincing. And so we changed our clothes a thousand times trying to get compliance …

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