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The fashion and lifestyle category articles and tips reflects the taste of an era, the dominant values and opinions. When people think of fashion generally imagine a fantasy world made up of designers, models and sexy clothes. In fact, fashion is not only refers to the dress but to any product or service as a consumer applies for example, cars, music, furniture, magazines, tourist destinations, etc.

9 Amazing Facts about Kissing


9 Amazing Facts about Kissing Kissing is one of the most intimate, sensual and entertaining actions you can do with another person. And admittedly a good kiss can turn a lot more time. But behind kissing much more, we invite you to 9 interesting facts about them.

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How to make up small eyes

make up small eyes

With the help of makeup and applying appropriate techniques, small eyes get larger How? Mindful of the advice. Although we all like to have a harmonious face and provided the reality is that nobody is perfect. However, with the help of makeup and with some expert tricks we can achieve …

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