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To open a RAR file | Computer Tips and Tricks

To open a RAR file

One of the easiest ways to share files, especially if we’re talking about several elements simultaneously, is to compress them, so in addition to decrease its size, it offers the advantage that the bag, which will result in a single file, much easier to send over the Internet or stored …

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How to Download Torrents Faster | Computer Tips and tricks

How to Download Torrents Faster

download content through a torrent client is one of the fastest and easiest to obtain audiovisual material we need ways, this is because it is a very easy procedure to perform, and very few, if not zero knowledge, soon we will be enjoying a wide range of audio, video and …

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What is the correct position to place the monitor? | Computer tips and tricks

how to position your monitor

If we wish to perform and be more productive at work, one of the best ways to do is to be well comfortable, ie create us a good working environment where materials and tools you use most often They are easy to reach and use.

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How to use a program without installing it on Windows | Computer Tips and Tricks

How to use a program without installing it on Windows

Depending on the activity we conduct, and we just like to try a lot of software, installed several programs on the computer you’ll use only once

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Internet is slow: What to do? | Computer Tips and Tricks

Internet is slow: What to do?

Today, are increasingly the tasks performed on the computer that are linked inextricably with the Internet, online storage, email, editing documents in the cloud and to even games require us to be connected to the Net, becoming essential that it be smooth and good download and upload rate.

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How to migrate data from an old PC to a new

migrate data from an old PC to a new

replace our old computer with a new, radiant and with great contemporary hardware, is one of the best ideas that we can have, because with a new PC you can perform all tasks with better speed and convenience, yielding resulted in improved performance and profitability.

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