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Tips on purchasing a new computer , Do you want to go on the Internet

purchasing a new computer

Computers. They’re everywhere. Schools. Banks. Factories. Hospitals. The arts. Government. Space. Everywhere you look, computers have become an integral part of our daily lives. Dan Gookin, author of ‘Buying a Computer for Dummies’ says, “Computers can help you communicate, they can help you create and they can help you be …

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Tips and Tricks to stop Spam

Tips and Tricks to stop Spam

Every day, advertisers bombard your e-mail account with offers of cheaper mortgages, affordable prescription drugs, and designer watches at rock bottom prices. But, don’t believe every e-mail offer you read. Dan Gookin, Author of “Buying Computers for Dummies” says, “It’s called Spam because you haven’t asked for it. It’s junk …

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Internet Safety 101 – how to safe your internet

Internet Safety

Identity theft. Phishing. Viruses. Trojan Horses. Cyber attacks. These are just some of the dangers we all face when using the internet.

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